Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ORTA for 2011

The projects for 2011 have been outlined. Several of the projects have managers. If there is a certain project you feel interested in coordinating please send an email to orta@mchsi.com.
Deburming is the most important maintenance issue we face. Where there is moisture on the trail there is a ridge on the lower side of the trail tread that is trapping it there. Remove the "burm" with a flat bladed tool like a mcleod or hoe.
Remember that this is an ongoing process to minimize maintenance issues by keeping the trail as dry as possible. When it rains the trail will get wet these are after all natural surface bike and hike trails. But, with the proper design and maintenance techniques they will dry quickly and remain compacted and useable. We must make it a point to inform people of these facts so they will respect the trail and those of us who put so much time and effort into making our central Missouri trails so incredible.
If you know anyone interested in getting involved please have them send an email to orta@mchsi.com.
Keeping trails dry and open.

Friday, March 19, 2010


First, lets review what is now complete. The Cedar Creek Grant Project is now complete. This has led us to start the design of several more phases. These will consist of rerouting or repairing some exsisting trail and adding trail on a couple of recently acquired properties. We have also been asked to help design and repair/reroute trail at Rock Bridge State Park and Finger Lakes State Park. In addition to the new projects we there are some issues to address at Binder Park and West Edgewood Trail. So, long story short it's time to get back to work.
Please check the calendar often for meet times and scheduled work days.
How do feel about the work ORTA has done?

Remember - If the trail is wet please don't ride! If you happen across a wet spot please dismount and walk your bike around!
Thank You

ORTA Projects - Binder

  • 1. Repair the low wet area on the Blue loop using a combination of boardwalks, sumps and armoring. Currently under construction. LB
  • 2. Reroute the entrance to the Blue loop from the Green loop to enter the woods above the last terrace. LM
  • 3. Work on the low area from the exit of the board walk to the following switchback on the Green Loop.
  • 4. Deburming.. entire trail system. Please be certain of deburming techniques defore attempting yourself. Please contact ORTA with the progress of any deburming.
  • 5. Reroute to bypass the drainage area near the rock slab. Post build fine tuning. Blue Loop
  • 6. Reroute the entire connector between the Blu and Red Loops.
  • 7. Fix the monster log pile on the Red Loop.
  • 8. Reroute above the confidence course Yellow Loop
  • 8.1 Tree down on Yellow Loop
  • 9. Mapping and signage.

ORTA Projects - Cedar Creek Trail

  • 1. Flag reroute at Pine Ridge trail head. (complete)
  • 2. Flag connector trail south of Rt. Y just West of Pine Ridge campground. (complete)
  • 3. Flag new trail west of Nevins farm to expand second stack of loop.
  • 4. Flag new trail south of field crossing to parking lot on county road 365.
  • 5. Flag loop in area bordered by county roads,356, 361, 363.

IMBA's 9 Contour Trail Tips:

  • 1. Do everything you can to keep the water off the tread, and users on it.
  • 2. Build on the contour and use frequent grade reversals - surf the hillside.
  • 3. Follow the half-rule: A trail's grade shouldn't exceed half the grade of the sideslope.
  • 4. Maximum grade should be 15 percent (except for natural or built rock structures).
  • 5. Average grade should stay under 10 percent (with grade reversals).
  • 6. Route trails to positive control points (viewpoints, water, other attractions).
  • 7. Use bench-cut construction, and excavate soil from the hillside.
  • 8. For reroutes, reclaim old trail thoroughly - the visual corridor as well as the trail tread.
  • 9. For highly technical trails where grade will sometimes exceed 15 percent, use natural rock, rock armoring or other rock features to add challenge and improve sustainability.